Making Vintage Pieces from Scraps

07/04/2016 Main

How to Utilize Small Cuts of Fabric: Read more

A Thousand Tea Dresses

18/03/2016 Main

In my first blog I spoke about inheriting my grandmother’s vintage scarf collection. In actual fact, I inherited all of my grandmother’s vintage clothing and accessories, everything that she kept from her late teens into her late 30s. Luckily for me, my young grandmother and I shared not only our passion for fashion but also a dress size! Amongst my grandmother’s collection was a 1940s silk tea dress, so beautiful that I could, literally, copy it a thousand times and never tire of wearing it.  The dress is in the classic tea dress style with pleated shoulders, buttons to the naval and a gentle flow from waist to the knee. I think this style of dress works best in all types of silk, from the super soft and delicate pure silk to a more rough, raw silk.  Read more

My Score of Scarfs

18/03/2016 Main

I love to accessorize a contemporary outfit with a vintage scarf.  Instantly, a plain and elegant black dress can be transformed into something a little more funky or a pair of skinny jeans, converse and a plain tee can look altogether more stylish and dressy. Read more


Welcome To My Blog

18/03/2016 Main

Hi folks, my name is Kate and I am passionate about vintage fashion and vintage style fashion. I love to hunt around thrift and secondhand stores for bargains and purchase a lot of pieces from the internet, including clothes, accessories and fabric. I am also learning how to sew myself.  I take a lot of fabric and designs to a seamstress in order that she can replicate a vintage item and I would really like to be able to start doing this myself.