Making Vintage Pieces from Scraps

How to Utilize Small Cuts of Fabric:


I’ve recently become the proud owner of some stunning vintage fabric. I’ll definitely be taking some of the pieces to my seamstress to replicate vintage dress and chemise patterns but, as I bought a bundle of fabric for a bargain price, several of the cuts are not large enough to turn into clothing. Therefore I’ve had the idea to make some tablecloths, napkins and scarves with the smaller pieces.  I’m sure that even I am capable of cutting a square and sewing the edges.


I really love the look of tablecloths, napkins and scarves with stitched edges, especially when combining a subtle vintage print with some really bold and colorful seams. I’ve been looking to find an overlocker sewing machine for sale so that I can easily stitch up the edges with a strong and durable seam. This also helps to keep fragile vintage fabric stronger for longer.


The Overlocker Seam:


Overlocker sewing machines are designed to hem, edge and seam pieces of fabric and are also capable of joining two pieces of fabric together at the seam. Because of this second function, if I am able to find an overlocker sewing machine for sale, I will also be able to create some pretty funky seams for dresses, pants and shirts.  Some overlocker sewing machines also contain cutters, which means the machine perfectly cuts the fabric in straight lines as it is fed through the system and hemmed.  The beauty of an overlocker sewing machine is that it feeds several thread cones through loopers rather than using a bobbin. This results in the edges of the fabric being being a part of the seam itself, which is really rather clever and has a beautiful, bold effect.



More significantly, if I can become skilled at using an overlocker sewing machine I will not only be able to hem, edge and seam but also use the machine to decorate seams or reinforce weak fabric edges. I am really excited to get my hands on one of these and am on the hunt for an overlocker sewing machine for sale.   At this stage, however, I’m not really interested in creating intricate edging as I want to create some bold colorful seams which will contrast perfectly with the delicate, pastel colors of the fabric I’ve bought.  Some of the fabric itself is quite bright and I will save that for when I am more experienced at using the machine.  That way I can edge the brighter fabric with some simple, white, delicate patterns.


Keeping Things Simple:


The fact that the overlocker sewing machine will trim and finish the fabric for me is the best part about it. I’m not an experienced fabric cutter just yet but I am learning. For now, finding an overlocker sewing machine for sale will help me to create pieces at home without having the necessary expertise to create the perfect finish on a more complex machine.  Of course, one day I would like to become the proud owner of a Singer sewing machine. Just take a look at how beautiful they are here. But I have to start somewhere, right? And I’ve always been of the opinion that one shouldn’t run before they can walk.  If I bought a Singer at this stage it would end up becoming an ornament, a thing of beauty for my friends and I to admire, but not something that provides any practical use.


A Common Stitch:


Overlock stitches are heavily used in the fashion industry. Take a look at the dress or pants you’re wearing now and you will probably notice a zigzag effect on the seam. This is not want I want to recreate. I’m looing for a heavier, fuller, bolder seam. The overlocker sewing machine is capable of helping me to achieve this by cheating. I literally just have to pass the fabric through the overlocker sewing machine more slowly and it will create a tighter zigzag pattern. Check out the pictures I’ve included in this post to see the difference.



Finding an Overlocker Sewing machine For Sale:


So, I’m trying to find a basic overlocker sewing machine for sale. I don’t want to invest heavily at this stage, so rather than buy new, I’m looking for a used overlocker sewing machine for sale. There’s a great selection here and I’m really surprised by how cheaply I can pick up a used overlocker sewing machine for sale. What I really need to ensure, however, is the quality of the machine. Perhaps it’s best to find one locally that I can try before I buy.  Like anything, finding a secondhand overlocker sewing machine for sale comes with risks attached and I don’t want to waste money on something that will break down on me.  So, with this in mind, my question to you my readers is this: do any of you have experience with using these machines and do you know how widely available spare parts are or how easy it is to find someone to fix and maintain the machines?



Thanks for reading and I look forward to hearing from you soon.  Will hopefully be able to report back soon with news of my new favorite toy! Farewell for now.