My Score of Scarfs

I love to accessorize a contemporary outfit with a vintage scarf.  Instantly, a plain and elegant black dress can be transformed into something a little more funky or a pair of skinny jeans, converse and a plain tee can look altogether more stylish and dressy.


My obsession with scarfs began in my late teens, when I inherited a sizeable collection from my late grandmother.  My grandmother was extremely stylish and had an air of Audrey Hepburn chic about her. She would never leave the house without her blue eye shadow on, impeccable nails and a beautiful scarf to protect her hair from the wind.  Some of the scarfs my grandmother left me are from her days working as an air stewardess for American Airlines.  The scarfs all have the AA logo but in different guises: in one the scarf the ‘AA’ is repeated in classic black and white, in another it’s a tiny feature in the corner of a very elegant silk scarf and in another it is contained within the repetitive circular pattern found in a colorful red tone scarf.   All are stunning and date from the late 1930s to 1960s.


Amongst my collection of vintage scarfs are an incredible number of finds I made when I took my vacation in Japan a few years ago. The Japanese are effortlessly fashionable and seem to always be a step ahead the rest of the world.  Luckily for me, the Japanese preference to be ahead of the times means that there are countless, high quality, barely used Japanese secondhand items available.  I picked up some wonderful vintage handbags and shoes in Japan but my Japanese scarf selection is tantamount to fine art. The scarfs are all unique in design, each with it’s own elegant beauty, and are each made of the finest, well maintained (barely used) silk.

I hope you enjoyed my first blog. I’ll be back soon to share more of my passion for vintage clothing and accessories with you.